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Problem: From 2020 to the present, the world's leading social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others), as well as most of the media in Israel and around the world, began to actively censor the messages of activists defending fundamental human rights. Social media accounts are blocked and deleted. At the same time, the world is actively pursuing laws that violate basic human rights, which until 2020 were in the global consensus, are reflected in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and are included in the basic laws and Constitutions of most countries of the world. Israel is at the forefront of these processes.

Solution: Creation and launch of an international multilingual social network of a new type named ROSHBARI (alternative to Facebook).

ROSHBARI (translated from Hebrew "healthy head") is a project of the Kingdom of Love -an international association of professionals that carries out global cultural, humanitarian, and peacekeeping initiatives (2010-2021).

The ROSHBARI network is a community of people with a similar worldview, who recognize the inviolability of Basic Human Rights and practically help each other in solving complex urgent problems.

A social network with the main domain should not only become a worthy alternative to Facebook in terms of functionality as an information platform for the exchange of opinions without censorship. This the social network should, as it develops, provide immediate practical answers to the above problems by creating appropriate software and implementing online / offline business initiatives for its members in the fields of healthcare, education, retraining for professionals, platforms for joint purchases, management business with payment in the currencies of countries and/or services (including barter transactions on the relevant site within this platform).

During the 11 years of the existence the Kingdom of Love has been developed initiatives in many areas (economic, educational, cultural, social) - all of them will find application within the framework of the new social network.

At the start of the project, membership in ROSHBARI is planned by invitation only; upon registration, new members will receive information about the rules of the social network, and only after these rules are adopted they will be registered. The minimum age for registration at ROSHBARI is planned 8 years old. Other international projects of KL - “Children-Businessmen”, “Magic Academy” -  will also be implemented in the children's platform.

Another unique feature of the social network is the possibility of public investment (“recursive crowdinvesting”), when both at the start of the project and in the process of its expansion, members of the social network will be able to invest directly in various business initiatives (starting with small amounts) while maintaining qualified, professional external management. Up to 80% of the project's shares have been allocated for this form of investment.

The pilot version of the ROSHBARI social network will be launched in 2021 (according to the plan - at the beginning of June) with the main focus on Israel. In parallel, contacts are being built with active working groups from other countries, in which the ROSHBARI social network will expand its activities over time.

Founder and Project Manager - Milana Gorenstein, LL.B (lawyer, programmer, journalist, entrepreneur)  from Jerusalem, Israel. The developer and co-investor is a European company that creates international social networks and artificial intelligence systems.


The network will be deployed on the basis of the server infrastructure and the Social Network Engine complex, a specialized platform for creating horizontally scalable social networks. The platform includes, in addition to functionality and APIs that allow you to create social networks of the level of Facebook, also solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, both an NLP platform and for the analysis and moderation of user content (images and videos) of the future social network.

Basic capabilities of the SNE platform:

·         Built-in support for all languages of the world (from 7 to 20 languages in the basic version with an extension to 42 languages) and correction tools for translators, automatic detection of the language of new users with the possibility of further customization, automatic translation of publications and user comments, as well as other contents into the languages of readers;

·         The functionality of the payment system is an internal billing system based on virtual or national currencies - more than 100 different currencies, cross-calculation rates taking into account exchange centers and rates of various central banks and payment systems;

·         File cloud - the ability to store and customize access to files for users - we provide storage and access capabilities similar to Google Drive + the ability to share files, attach them to publications or other objects - this is extremely important, because social networks and complex portals are actually generators content;

·         Billing and payment control systems integrated with notification services;

·         Artificial intelligence AI (flexible capabilities, first of all, "technical support for users" and "smart ranking of publications");

·         Aggregation of news from authoritative sources (for each project we define a list of "authorities");

·         Trading platform capabilities, sales automation and logistics, as well as internal transaction arbitration - (analogous to Aliexpress);

·         Smart contracts and “secure transactions”, internal arbitration service;

·         A very powerful internal mail server for sending messages and a distribution automation system, which includes not only checking the correctness of addresses, but also overflowing mailboxes;

·         Protection systems against DDOS and other types of attacks with automatic notification of providers;

·         Modules for interaction with SMS and telephone services;

·         A system for protecting accounts from brute force and hacking of accounts, registration of access rights, a system of double authorizations (maximum attention is paid to the security system of the SNE platform);

·         Ability to manage user and community subscriptions;

·         Aggressive data caching (similar to Facebook);

·         Flexible privacy settings for users and their publications;

·         Powerful multi-threaded search engine;

·         Creation of communities (open and closed pages, as well as professional and "by subscription");

·         Internal messenger (instant messaging system), integrated with AIM, with artificial intelligence capabilities;

·         Anti-virus scanning of the published content (SDK more than 20 antiviruses), intelligent pre-moderation;

·         End-to-end marking of any content and data in the information flow;

·         Own system for serving short links; Protection against bots and parsing (checking user actions);

·         SMM tools;

·         And other functions.

Despite the common practice of SNE-based solutions  launching terms of 8-11 months, an agreement was reached to launch the basic version of the project within 3 calendar months in order to launch the alpha of the project with open registration and user invitation. In the next stages, social network extensions will be connected, such as video streams, audio publications, audio comments (which Facebook does not have yet!), and other consistent functionality. 

The development of  the international social network of a new type began on March 1, 2021.

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